Monday, July 6, 2009

What a wonderful weekend

This was the first stress free weekend I have had in a while.

Thursday we got off work at 1. It was a nice surprise.

I went and hung out with a good friend and then we went to see the Hangover. It was SOOOO funny. It was the best afternoonm I have had in a while, and the perfect way to start the weekend... I didn't take any pictures, sorry!

Friday, Megan had a cookout at her house.

Abby was dressed for the day. I had to make a stop on my way to the party, Abby needed this red and white bow for her outfit.

I don't think that Christa was having as much fun as we were...

Later in the afternoon, we were all smiles.

Jenny and Shaun stopped by too.

Then Friday night, my best friend from High School was in town so Megan went with me to see her. We talked for hours. It was a lot of fun. Brennen, I MISS YOU, move back!

Saturday I got up and headed to the Fayetteville farmers market with my mom and her friend Holly. It was fun, after we stopped by Carnall Hall. This place had a VERY special spot in my heart, I always get teared up when I go there.

Then once we got back to the house, the rain stopped, and we went out on the boat. I don't think I have tubed in 10 years and I am paying for it. I am sore in places I didn't know could hurt.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.

I know that I am so Thankful for the Troops and everyone that has made it possible for me to live in the USA.


  1. LOOKS LIKE A BLAST and YOU, my dear, look so happy and beautiful!

  2. btw, great job on the new header! love it! ;)

  3. You do look so good Nicole! You look so pretty and I am loving your hair! Terence went tubing this past weekend and came home like a lobster! Glad you had fun <3 Becky

  4. You are just glowing... I am so happy that you had a great weekend - you deserved it too. Love ya!

  5. Can I just say - I LOVE your hair! It looks awesome!!! :) I keep forgetting you changed blogs - I promise to add it to my page!

  6. I cant remember if I've told you this..but I just LOVE your new hair cut! SO cute