Sunday, January 31, 2010

12 months of goals...

I think for 2010 I am going to have a few different goals each month.

Last year was hard and I am a different person. I am still working on me.

So for each month I am going to post my goals so that I can "hold" myself to them. I have them on a post-it note on my desk but maybe telling them to others will help.

For January 2010:
1. drop 5 lbs
2. figure out my house situation
3. be more positive
4. stop talking to CG
5. cut out MCD's in the morning

So for the first month of the year I didn't do too bad. I am done 6lbs, I know more about what I am doing with the house, Megan said I am being more positive, and I have not had MCD's in the morning for over 2 weeks.

Bad news, I still saw CG last weekend, and he asked about going to Dallas this weekend. He is out of the phone so that is a PLUS.

For Febuary...
1. drop 6lbs
2. find a new swim suit
3. plan Abby's 1st bday party
4. pack up the house
5. detail the car

We shall see how this new month goes...


  1. You're definitely going to have to explain the CG thing to me tomorrow. Will you plan Trail's first b-day too? Haha!

  2. oh honey. this are great goals. you can do it.
    glad you are feeling better.