Monday, July 27, 2009

Road Trip

*all of the following pictures were taken with my phone, so they are not that great!

Mom and I went to a family reunion this weekend.

It was 8 long hours away.

BUT i got to see my brother.


And his boys, This one is Jayce, he is 5 and will start school next month.

For not seeing my mom in 2 years, he loved his Grandma.

And then there is this one, he came back with us. He gets to spend the week at Grandma's house at the lake. He was very excited.

And I ate these.

I have been weighing on Monday's and I figured that since I didn't watch what I ate AT ALL this weekend, I was going to take a week off. BUT I am going to step up the work out.


  1. love all the photos! you look great!!!!!

    i love you!

  2. glad you had a good weekend! Love our necklace

  3. Roadtrips make for great memories!!

  4. I just realized that I never pull out my camera when you're over. Maybe next time we should dress cute and take pictures--or take pictures in our sweats! ;) I can't get over how much he looks like you!!!! I love all your cute little dresses!

  5. I never had White Castle until Shad took me to Ohio!!! lol

    We don't have that stuff here in Texas!!!!